Plan B

Sometimes God speaks to us in the most unusual ways! Awhile ago, I went to McDonalds to get my lunch. I have their app on my phone, and I have used it numerous times already. However, today for some reason, when I got to the restaurant and parked in the ‘pick up’ slot, the app and/or my phone would not connect to the Internet or phone service, so I could not complete my order. (I’ve had no problems with the app before, and no problems with my phone before or after.) So, I backed out of the slot and proceeded to the drive-through lane. As I approached the kiosk to order my meal, I saw the advertisement for Shamrock shakes. I LOVE shamrock shakes! They had not appeared on my app’s menu so I did not know that they were available. I still have no idea what was going on with my app and/or phone, but I was thrilled that by going to Plan B, I was able to order a shamrock shake rather than a Coke. I can order a Coke any ole day!

As I said last night, I have been missing my basketball world a great deal this winter, and that has led me to do a lot of reminiscing. One memory that I have is when I was told at the beginning of one school year that my classroom was going to be next to the cafeteria. I “just knew” that it wouldn’t work out because it would be so noisy. In fact, it was not noisy at all, and through the years that I was in that location, it afforded me many opportunities to join the international students & basketball players for breakfast, lunch, or supper. And many other times when I did not eat with them, but I would walk around and greet them, or chat with them briefly. For me, that room ended up being the very best spot in the whole school! None better!! Plan B was indeed the best for me!

Two illustrations of why you need to keep an open mind and trust what the Lord is doing.

Psalm 147:5 “Our Lord is great, vast in power; His understanding is infinite.” The Lord may interrupt our Plan A because He has something so much better in store for us-His Plan!! B is Better!!!

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