Today’s Walk

The last day or two, as many of you know, I’ve felt a bit like I was climbing a steep mountain blind-folded or in a thick fog. I read a story yesterday about a blind horse and its friend who wore a bell. (Link below) The blind horse would follow the sound of the bell when it was time to move. He’d learned to trust his friend with the bell. I asked the Lord if He would send some “bells” each day to help me make my way through the dark fog. Yesterday, I heard that “bell” many times through emails from friends, God speaking me through His Word, and through thoughts that He gave to me.

This afternoon, I again started out for a walk and asked the Lord for more “bells”. The first thing that happened was that I saw two coins on the ground and picked them up. Why is that such a big deal? Well, a couple of years ago, I read an article about a man who used a dropped coin to repeat to himself, “In God I trust” (because In God We Trust is imprinted on each coin). I liked the idea and have been doing it ever since. Seeing two coins today at a time that I’m struggling a bit seemed like both an invitation and a promise (two coins!) from God. “You can surely trust Me; will you?”

I walked a bit further and came to a curve in the sidewalk. As you can see, I could not see around the curve to know what was ahead. Immediately, the Lord spoke to me through this incident. He said that I may not be able to see the future, but I am to trust Him and walk by faith. He knows what’s around the curve, and He is in control. I was much encouraged again.

Then, I walked around the curve and found a patch of beautiful roses! I could hear the Lord saying to me once again, “You are going to make it through the fog, and there will be something beautiful there! Just keep walking; keep taking the next step, and I will guide you through.

I continued my walk and worshiped along with my praise music as I walked. Then, I saw a Chinese student, and the idea popped into my head to do one of the craziest things I’ve ever done, and you all know I’ve done some crazy ones! I hollered over to him in Chinese, “Where are you from? He responded, “Henan,” and we began visiting, first in Chinese, and then in English. We visited for an hour, and I was able to answer a few questions that he had including some about my own experience as a Christian. We exchanged names & phone numbers and I hope to be back in contact with him again.

So, God’s bells were ringing pretty loudly this afternoon!

For those praying for Dante and I, thank you for your prayers, and please keep them coming, especially over the next week. I believe his surgery will be Wednesday, the 20th, but I’m pretty much out of the loop for information right now, and that is the most difficult part for me, and why I feel so blind. But God knows exactly what is around the curve/what’s going on and what will go on. Pray for Dante as he goes through the surgery and the pain of recovery. Pray for me as I wait blindly and walk by faith (He will go to L.A. for the surgery and be gone 4 days.) Pray for me to be able to wait patiently to see him when he gets back. When he doesn’t feel well, he likes to be left alone. (I am trying to get in contact with him to see him tonight or tomorrow before he goes, but he’s a busy young man, and it’s hard for me to reach him. Especially now that he’s been having phone problems on top of his own stress.)

As I have written all of this up just now, it occurs to me that one day in the weeks ahead, I hope that the Lord will open up a door for me to share my struggles during this time and how God helped me. Pray Col. 4:3-4

To God Be the Glory!!

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